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Rainwater Experts

Custom rainwater management plans for you.

Rain comes as a gift from nature. Unfortunately, we can't manage when it comes or how much we get. We can, however, manage how the gift of rainwater is used. Management of rainwater is the key and the experts at Catch the Rain can assess your needs, the availability at your site and design an integrated rainwater management plan to fit your needs and situation.

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Water is our Passion!

Conservation, preservation, and imagination

Water is a precious resource. Conservation and preservation of our resources is not just a benefit to us, but to all succeeding generations who follow. Rainwater comes as a gift. We should not take it for granted, nor should we squander it. Responsible and well-planned integrated rainwater management systems allow you to make the best use of what is, in many places, a limited resource. Our professional designers and installers can provide you the most efficient and effective integrated rainwater management designs to help you preserve this wonderful gift of nature.

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Professional Solutions

Certified Professionals to Address your Problems

Our nationally certified designers and installers can meet your design, installation, and maintenance needs with the highest level of professionalism. Certifications from the American Rainwater Catchment System Association and the American Society of Sanitary Engineers insure that your system is professionally designed and installed to meet the rigorous requirements of all international, national, state, and local codes, ordinances, and specifications.

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Make the Most out of What Nature Gives You.

Nature provides the rain.  Unfortunately, we cannot manage when the rain will fall nor how much will fall at any given time.  That is why managing your rainwater is so important.

With a well designed and installed rainwater harvesting system, you can count on having that rainwater when and where you need it during the year.  By collecting rainwater when it does fall, you can be sure that your landscape, your garden, or even your domestic water supply will be secure during the year.


Catch the Rain can help you evaluate, plan and secure your water resources.  Our professionally trained and certified designers and installers will come to you and evaluate your property, make recommendations for your particular needs based on nationally recognized industry standards, and help you move toward water security for your home or business.

Why Choose Us

Our team members are all certified professionals in their area of expertise.  Their certifications come from nationally and internationally recognized professional associations.  The American Rainwater Catchment System Association and the American Society of Sanitary Engineers are just two of the organizations through which our professionals gain their education and certifications.

We are a family-owned and operated local business.  We support other small independent business in our area as much as possible for our supplies, equipment, and services.  Our involvement in the local community and our commitment to local service and community is a part of our mission and our vision.  Giving back to the community that supports us is a fundamental part of our business plan.

No two projects are alike.  Our professional designers and installers understand that there are no off the shelf packaged solutions to rainwater and stormwater management.  Each project we undertake gets a fresh look, and each proposal provides our clients with options from which to choose. You can be sure that the options from which you chose are designed specifically to meet your needs.

Catch the Rain is a family-owned and operated business.  We value our clients and consider them friends first and customers second.  We maintain all the necessary permits, licenses and insurance to protect our clients and our reputation.  When you deal with Catch the Rain, we want you to treat us as friends first.

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