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Rainwater Catchment in Texas

by Dennis K. Howard The Truths There is a lot of misinformation about rainwater catchment in Texas. Everything from “It’s illegal to catch rainwater.” to “It doesn’t rain enough in Texas to make catching rainwater worthwhile.” Bear with me for a minute and I will try to debunk some of this misinformation. Rainwater harvesting is legal in Texas. In…

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Let’s Talk About Water

Let’s talk about water – rainwater to be precise! It rained!   And rained.   And rained some more.  And rained again. Facts Fact!  Lubbock, on average, gets 18.6 inches of rain a year based on historical data collected by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for the past 90+ years. Observation (personal) – You should be in Lubbock on…

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Rainwater Catchment in Texas – The Truths

Once again, I have spent my time debunking misunderstandings, misconceptions, and misinformation on the internet about rainwater harvesting in Texas.  Here are the truths about Texas and rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is legal in Texas. In fact, the State of Texas, the Texas Legislature and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality support rainwater harvesting enthusiastically.  The Texas Commission on…

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